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Central America

Regional Expertise Centre (REC)

REC Central America currently works in Belize, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico.

Main contact: 

15 Avenida 13-45, Zona 10, Oakland
Guatemala-Ciudad, Guatemala

+502 2366-5856 (ext. 115)

Central America is especially known for bananas, coffee, sugarcane and cocoa. Agriculture is the largest employer, but many of the small scale farmers lack knowhow on farm management and are weakly organized.

Providing training and support

The Regional Expertise Centre (REC) Central America is based in Guatemala. It has a long tradition of civil society projects in Guatemala, and has extensive experience in producer support.

The REC Central America provides training and support for producers interested in improving their farm management and in certification of their products. Improvement projects lead to cost reduction, production increase and better quality, and therefore increases the value of products. Certification provides producers with a stronger market position and enhances their commercial opportunities. Moreover, it aims at the improvement of the labour conditions of workers.


If we have vacancies you will find these in our jobs section.


Market segment certified coffee increases

Through PROCASO, a producer support programme, the amount of certified coffee has increased from a few percentages up to 20% of the total coffee export of Honduras (2010).

Sustainable energy from coffee waste

Together with Solidaridad, UTZ CERTIFIED set up a pilot project in which coffee pulp and waste water is used to produce sustainable energy.

We offer


REC Central America works on sustainable supply chains in close collaboration with Solidaridad's worldwide network of expertise centres and local partners. Together we deliver the following services:

To producers

  • Training  farmers in good agricultural farming techniques that lead to higher yield, cost reduction and have less negative impact on people and the environment.
  • Supporting producer organizations through capacity building and organizational strengthening.
  • Assisting producer organizations to get access to means of production, finance and markets.
  • Supporting agricultural producer organizations and industrial producer companies to qualify for social and environmental certification standards.

To companies

  • Supporting companies to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) related to sourcing in developing countries.
  • Developing sustainable business concepts in order to broaden the marketplace for sustainable products from developing countries.


  • Supporting civil society organizations that empower women, farmers or employees, as well as organizations that protect nature and bio diversity.
  • Seeking dialogue with stakeholders and the public using our knowledge, experience and views on sustainable economic development and corporate social responsibility.


<p>REC Central America is proud to work with partners like:</p>


Asociación Nacional de Café en Guatemala. Unites people and companies in the coffee business in Guatemala.


Pastoral Commission Peace & Ecology. Supports communities that are resisting mega projects in San Marcos, Guatemala.


Global merchant in cocoa, coffee and cotton.


A co-operative founded in 1969 to improve the position of small scale coffee growers in Guatemala.

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung

Supports environmental programmes and runs grassroots projects with smallholder coffee farmers all over the world.


A leading supplier of green coffee to the international coffee roasting industry.


A leading international development organization, based in the Netherlands.


World Wildlife Fund for Nature.