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Solidaridad Andes

Regional Expertise Centre (REC)

REC Andes currently works in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Main contact: 

Av. Roosevelt Nº 5866
Lima 18, Peru

+51 1 4454242

Scaling up e-learning for coffee farmers

The scaling up of training programmes designed by Solidaridad in Colombia has started. In the past year, 240 extension workers from eight export companies and 20 cooperatives participated in low-cost distance learning courses on sustainable coffee production. As a result, they are now able to more effectively reach 36,000 farmers.

External developments

Responsible gold production faces major challenges in the Andean region. The Peruvian government has, in effect,declared war on illegal gold mining. At the same time, growing demand for responsible gold in international markets exceeds current supply. Thousands of small-scale informal gold miners struggle to meet government formalisation criteria without missing out on these market opportunities.

Main achievements and partnerships

Through partnerships with Agrobiz in Colombia and the Natural Habitats Group in Ecuador, 12,888 hectares of RSPO plantations are ready to be certified in Colombia, and in Ecuador, 93 smallholder oil-palm producers expect to receive RSPO certification. In Peru, 115 local coffee promoters played the role of 'live' demonstration centres for 1,076 producers, who subsequently rehabilitated 961 hectares by engaging in practices learned at the centres.
Miners organisations' effective management of legalisation procedures while moving towards formalisation and certification is crucial for developing a responsible gold supply chain in Peru. Over 1,500 miners received training in 66 workshops.


Solidaridad works on sustainable banana production in Northern Peru, supporting a platform that brings together the main stakeholders: 16 producer organisations, four government entities, three export companies, three trading companies and four NGOs. Within this framework it was possible to attract US$ 285,000 of funding from the provincial municipality to improve the banana processing infrastructure of two producer associations. Similarly, under the Colombian national coffee platform, a specialty coffee manual was produced with the support of the Antioquia Government, the National Federation of Coffee Growers, and five coffee grower cooperatives. Working at the sector platform level is part of Solidaridad's global strategy.

Organisational development

Solidaridad Andes opened an office in Colombia with seven full-time staff. This facility supports the technical secretariat for the Sustainable Trade Platform. A website was launched for this programme, presenting the main principles of the platform ( The Results-Based Management approach was adopted for selected large projects.