Bottom Up! Ethiopia Media Trip

We invite fashion-oriented writing journalists to travel with us to Ethiopia between 25-30 September 2022 and meet the people who make our clothes. Meet cotton farmers, sewers, factory owners and specialists of the growing Ethiopian textile industry in person and tell their unique stories.

Ethiopia, Cotton / Textiles_Bottom Up!_ day 2 © Solidaridad
Ethiopia, Cotton / Textiles_Bottom Up!_ day 2 © Solidaridad
Ethiopia, Desta Textiles_Bottom Up!_ day 4 © Solidaridad
Addis Garments, Ethiopia 2018. Textiles, © Jaimi Nieli
Ethiopia, Cotton / Textiles_Bottom Up!_ day 2 © Solidaridad

The Ethiopian Textile Industry

In recent years Ethiopia has been at the centre of the discussion around the future of apparel manufacture and the wider textile industry, and with good reason. With a youthful population of 110 million, rapid economic development, low labour costs and promising trade links with the EU, Ethiopia has seemed like a potential new garment hub for major international companies. Household names such H&M, Asda, Levi’s, Under Armour and Decathlon have sourced from Ethiopia in recent years, while many companies, like DBL, Hirdaramani, Arvind and Kanoria have set up factories to meet this demand. There are also several 100% Ethiopian-owned factories, experienced in export of garments and (household) textiles.

However, Ethiopia also faces many challenges, including issues around workers rights and living income, the environment and the tragic outbreak of conflict in recent years.

Ethiopia faces challenges, but the Bottom Up! programme partners believe that with the right support, Ethiopia can become not just a successful part of the global supply chain, but a new sustainable textile hub. And we want to introduce you to the people that are making that happen.

There is much to learn and many stories to tell about this expanding sector. During our trip we will visit factories that are known for recycling garments and not using chemicals, as well as factories with a strong approach for more labour rights.


Are you a writing journalist that reaches out to business-minded audiences? Are you interested in highlighting the stories of garment workers, factory representatives, farmers and specialists? Travel with us to Ethiopia this fall!

Join our trip to see a new way forward on textiles, all the while enjoying delicious Ethiopian coffee and sampling their local cuisine, injera.

When: 25-30 September 2022

Where: The trip will take place in and around Addis, visiting factories such as Kanoria, a sustainable denim operation, Etur who specialize in pollution free re-generated fibers, re-generated yarns and circular knitted fabrics and garments, and Desta, an independent family-run garment factory specialized in knitting, cutting, sewing and finishing.

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Bottom UP! Ethiopia is funded by the EU and was developed as a collaboration between the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative, MVO Nederland and the Solidaridad Network.

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