Colombia leads the production of sustainable palm oil in Latin America

According to Solidaridad's most recent study on production and trade of sustainable palm oil in Colombia, the country shows the highest volumes of certified palm oil. More than half the exports to Germany are certified, as well as 89% of the exports to the Netherlands.

Crude palm oil production reached an approximate 75.44 million tons in the global market during 20191. It is estimated that only 20% of this has been produced and certified under some sort of market-differentiated voluntary sustainability scheme. Globally, we see three trends:

  • Sustainable palm oil production is growing. This growth is being sustained and driven by multi-stakeholder initiatives in producing countries.
  • The sustainability of palm oil is gradually being incorporated into the laws of consumer countries, which is causing certification to go from being a differentiating factor to a market condition.
  • The commercialization of palm oil in consuming countries is advanced in established markets, but it is just beginning in emerging countries.

Read the Executive Summary and download the full study, below, to see how Colombia is reaffirming its leadership in the sector and what additional actions are needed to build momentum and zero in on sustainability.


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