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Regional Expertise Centre (REC)

REC Andes currently works in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Main contact: 

Av. Roosevelt Nº 5866
Lima 18, Peru

+51 1 4454242

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are well endowed with agricultural export products, energy resources, and minerals. Smallholder farmers and small scale miners as well as multinationals are active in this area.

Supporting sustainable production and trade

The Regional Expertise Centre (REC) Andes, based in Lima, Peru, was the first expertise centre of Solidaridad to be opened. It is currently in the process of becoming a representative office of the Fundación Solidaridad Latinoamericana.

Since 2004, REC Andes supports local endeavours to produce and trade in a sustainable and fair way. It focuses especially on smallholder farmers and small scale miners. It provides information and support for producers interested  in certification schemes for their products such as Fair Trade, UTZ, Global Gap and organic. Certification increases the value of products, and provides producers with a stronger market position.


If we have vacancies you will find these in our jobs section.


Banana producers own model company

Export company Grupo Hualtaco combines the strong points of a cooperative model and a traditional business model. It is co-owned by Peruvian banana producers.

Solidaridad introduces Fairtrade Fairmined gold

Solidaridad supports 3 miners' organizations in Fairtrade Fairmined certification and market linkage by the end of 2010.

We offer


REC Andes works on sustainable supply chains in close collaboration with Solidaridad's worldwide network of expertise centres and local partners. Together we deliver the following services:

To producers

  • Training farmers in farming techniques that have less negative impact on people and the environment and lead to better quality and higher yields.
  • Supporting producer organizations through capacity building and organizational strengthening.
  • Assisting producer organizations to get access to means of production, finance and markets.
  • Supporting agricultural producer organizations and industrial producer companies to qualify for social and environmental certification standards.


  • Developing certification standards for sustainable production and fair trade (such as Fair Trade and UTZ CERTIFIED).


<p>REC Andes is proud to work with partners like:</p>


NGO that trains coffee producers in order to develop sustainable small coffee farms.


Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia. Represents more than 500.000 Colombian coffee growers.

Fundación Manuel Mejía

A private non profit organization for the coffee sector in Colombia. Provides education of the rural population.

Grupo Hualtaco

A private company in Peru that exports organical and social responsible bananas.

Junta Nacional del Café (JNC)

National Federation of Coffee Grower Organizations in Peru.

Oro Blanco

A cotton producer organization in Peru.

Valle de Chira Association

An association of banana growers in Peru. Fairtrade certified, exports organic bananas.