• Contact Information

    Solidaridad Network
    International Secretariat
    't Goylaan 15, 3525 AA
    Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Tel: +31 (0)30 275 9450
    Email: info@solidaridadnetwork.org

    Regional Expertise Centres

    Do you have questions about Solidaridad's work in a specific region?
    Please refer to the regional pages for contact details.

Our team

  • Chris Boerakker
    IT Project Officer
  • Elsa Scholte
    Global Communications Manager
  • Erna Wegman
    Financial Controller
  • Frederik Claasen
    Impact Investment Specialist
  • Jeroen Douglas
    Director of Policy & Programmes
  • Joshua Whetsell
    Content Manager
  • Monique van de Vijver
    Executive Secretary & Personal Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Nadine Planzer
    Climate Innovation Manager
  • Nico Roozen
    Executive Director of the Solidaridad Network
  • Nicolaas van Boeckel
    Global IT Manager
  • Tessa van Breda-Halm
    Office Manager