Sustainable Partnerships

The issues facing the world are systemic and cannot be solved by one actor or intervention alone. This is why we are calling on more partners in the corporate and public world to join us to amplify impact. Support from impact investors and private donors, as well as small, medium and large companies is essential to enable us to achieve meaningful impact at scale.

Let’s work together for a more sustainable world

Globalization has moved wealth across the globe, away from where it matters. Ultimately, it is in our communities that we create the conditions that allow each of us to flourish. This is where we live and belong; where we have our land, family, and jobs. Collaborating with you on sustainable and inclusive development, we want to create resilient communities around the farmers and workers in supply chains in low and middle income countries.

We have to make this happen — together. Or else the poverty trap, and the broken market, will keep these unsustainable practices going until there’s no working soil, no sustainable climate, and no future for farmers and workers.

We have run out of time to talk about how important this is – we know what to do, now we have to do it together. Let’s take the first step, work in partnership, and create an economy that works for all.

Creating Sustainable Partnerships that Benefit All

It is not just those at the beginning of supply chains who will need to change to meet the sustainability challenge. Large companies operating across global supply chains, in (regional) commodities such as palm oil, cocoa, and cotton, need to play their part. Solidaridad runs projects across the world that help create sustainable supply chains, working with smallholders to combat deforestation, climate change and poverty. Companies looking to make a positive impact and future proof their supply chains support our work, and partner with us around the globe.

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