Diversity, equity & inclusion: more than just words

At Solidaridad, diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of who we are.

The Solidaridad network structure was built on the idea that meaningful change grows from within communities, and a collaborative work environment based on the exchange and debate of different ideas and perspectives will create the most innovative solutions. Diversity and representation of many different perspectives and identities is not just nice to have; it is essential to the mission of reclaiming sustainability.

Inclusion is prioritized at all levels of work within Solidaridad; from programming that promotes gender equality in historically male-dominated sectors such as gold or palm oil, to leadership within our Senior and Board level positions. A strong integrity structure supports open and honest dialogue and secure pathways for reporting and addressing issues.

All this makes up the core of what Solidaridad stands for: equity. Creating a more fair and equitable supply chain starts from our working culture and permeates through our programmes, communications and partnerships.

Solidaridad will amplify the voices from producers and their stakeholders, including their sovereign governments who increasingly reclaim sustainability as their authentic national dialogue. Instead of the voices from the traditional western world, voices from producing countries influence the social and political structures around them.

Jeroen Douglas
Executive Director Solidaridad

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