Empowering smallholders

Solidaridad has been supporting smallholder soy producers in India since 2009. It does so by promoting sustainability principles with coalitions of partners, including governments and businesses. Solidaridad strategies are based on a combination of good agricultural practices and robust rural infrastructures integrated with market solutions to develop “proof of concepts” for scale and impact investments.

The crosscutting themes are based on integrating farming systems, nutritional and food security aspects of soy, efficient land and water use, rural entrepreneurship, digital solutions and gender equity.

Overall, the sustainable soy programme seeks to address key structural issues within the sector and empower smallholders to produce more with fewer inputs, efficiently use degraded lands, adapt to climate change and engage with partners. Such activities would improve livelihoods of a large number of smallholders by reducing poverty and increasing food security. Integrated business solutions could minimize the risks and improve business governance with continual improvements towards inclusive and sustainable soy sector transformation.