Solidaridad@COP24 – Room Narew Side Event – Update

Solidaridad's second side event in Room Narew at COP24 in Katowice, Poland witnessed massive participation of more than 50 persons from five countries. Solidaridad and Abibiman Foundation repeated presentations at the first side event to a new audience. Dr. Winston Asante, Technical Advisor on Natural Resources and Climate Change led discussions on behalf of Solidaridad Network with the support of Beatrix Richard, Corporate Engagement Manager at Europe. 




  • West African farmers are trapped in a vicious cycle of depleting soils, deforestation, emissions and livelihood decline.
  • Rural youths do not see a future in farming partly due to low returns and the perceived unprofessionalism associated with the activity; hence end up in even more precarious jobs in cities.
  • To reverse this trend, Solidaridad trains youth and works on an enabling environment to enthuse youth on climate-smart farming and agribusiness development.
  • In this way, youth employment in farming is assured, incidence of migration reduced, investments in agri-commodities increase and the sustainability and future of agribusiness is assured.
  • The commodities produced are sought after as markets are demanding climate-smart quality produce. At the same time, adaptation and mitigation benefits are co-created. 

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