Our approach to sustainability is to work from producer to consumer, along with key stakeholders, every step of the way.

Producers with improved economic performance 90,000

Hectares under climate smart management practices 2 milion

Producers that implement good practices 700,000


  • Sustaining people, the planet, and profits

    In order to make a real impact and ensure sustainable livelihoods for people and ecosystems, we believe that the market has an important role to play. This means that sustainability needs the support of market players, such as companies, retailers, miners, and producers.

    Sustainability must also be reinforced by market processes like pricing, which reflects social and ecological costs of production and environmental values.

    Working from producer to consumer

    We have more than 40 years of experience in supporting producers in achieving economic, social and ecological sustainability. This enables producers in developing countries to build capacity and earn higher prices for their goods while also highlighting the importance of landscape maintenance in preserving the environment we all share on the local and global level. We develop a range of instruments and services used by tens of thousands of farmers and other producers all over the world.

    We also have more than 40 years of experience in working with corporate social responsibility (CSR) to create sustainable businesses and certification labels to mainstream sustainable production. Nowadays sustainability is on the agenda of many companies. They are taking responsibility for the origin of their products and have started to see sustainability as one of the preconditions for the continuity of their business.

    1. Sector analysis

      Assessment of the target groups and issues in the sector. We identifiy key constraints and key actors who can be involved in change.

    2. Intervention

      Change is initiated by the intervention of Solidaridad and partners

    3. Business model

      Trigger Train, Sell, Build

      Reaction Apply, Use, Buy

      These are combined for the target group

    4. Target group performance

      Change takes place as a result of adopted new practices e.g.:

      • Increasing yields
      • Reducing pesticide use
      • Higher returns on investment
    5. Sustainable sector development

      Based on economically, socially and environmentally sustainable practices. Reducing bad practices.

    6. Sustainable impact

      Ultimate goals are:

      • Improved livelihoods
      • Future perspectives
      • Food security
      • A better aenvironment
      • An inclusive economy

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Solidaridad is rising to meet the challenges of tomorrow by building upon a history of achievement, including major results for farmers, miners and workers.


  • Solidaridad works on creating sustainable supply chains from the producer to the consumer. This enables producers in developing countries to get a better price for better products and it helps to preserve people's environment. It helps companies in the marketplace to implement Corporate Social Responsibility and find sustainable suppliers.

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