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West Africa 2023

To balance sustainable global supply chains and create local resilient food systems, Solidaridad West Africa supported 67,177 farmers with inputs and capacity to increase food supply and address market barriers amidst the post-COVID food and economic crises. In 2023, our focus on carbon mitigation and circularity led to the establishment of climate-friendly artisanal oil palm processing mills and a cashew…

19 April 2024

Sierra Leone-new cashew factory-Waterloo Cashew Women Association

East & Central Africa 2023

Our bold ambition in 2023 was to transform value chains within the agricultural, mining, and industrial sectors. Our strategy to address sustainable development's challenges was twofold: enhancing producer and organisational capacities and forging alliances with partners sharing our vision. Our goals included accelerating initiatives to boost market access, innovation, and the formulation of supportive policies. At our strategy’s heart, we…

Micheal Wachira in his fruit and vegetable farm in Nakuru County, Kenya

Europe 2023

Solidaridad Europe generates support and commitments for making global value chains more sustainable, with a focus on farmers, miners and workers in producing countries beyond Europe’s borders. Collaboration with stakeholders is vital in our work, including donors and companies, knowledge institutes and civil society organizations. With our offices based in the Netherlands and Germany, we continue to engage with European…

Stieneke van der Graaf (right), former member of Dutch Second Chamber and Heske Verburg, at coffee campaign in The Hague

Southern Africa 2023

In 2023, Solidaridad Southern Africa saw progress as it innovatively advanced sustainable smallholder agriculture. This included ongoing advocacy through the RECLAIM Sustainability! programme, the Pathways to Prosperity programme launch, and full implementation of the Bill & Melinda Gates funded Kvuno initiative in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia. Malawi emerged as a focal country, benefiting from increased resources, resulting in a 205…

North America 2023

In 2023, Solidaridad’s North America office continued to gain traction and influence with high-value donors, the private and public sector, and foundations. The Amazonia Connect initiative made strong advances in its first full year of implementation. New partnerships with Cargill, the Walmart Foundation, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have pushed our sustainability work forward with a focus on…

Jennifer Horning, second from right, on a panel about a Just Transition with BRS at Climate Week 2023

Latin America 2023

In 2023, we integrated our work in Central and South America to create more impact and synergies. We expanded our climate-smart model with incentives for carbon captures to cocoa, and prepared the groundwork to meet the new EU regulation on deforestation.

LATAM - Sugarcane highlight - MasCaña project in Mexico

Ugandan oil palm farmers to gain from national initiative

Uganda's oil palm sector is getting a sustainable makeover from a collaborative project  that is set to promote eco-friendly practices and boost incomes for smallholder farmers. This partnership effort between Solidaridad and the Ugandan government will train farmers in sustainable techniques and create a model for responsible palm oil production in Africa.

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