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The new strategy sets sail

In the inaugural year of our 2021-2025 strategic plan, we took meaningful strides towards our vision of more fair and sustainable supply chains, and drew on our strength as a network organization to learn, adapt, and grow with our global knowledge base. We focused heavily on nurturing strong internal systems and learning, and weaved in elements of digital innovation and…

20 May 2022

Katete Soybean farmer proves that agriculture is more than just cows & ploughs

Smallholder farmers producing soybeans in Southern Africa were experiencing low productivity, lack of access to improved seeds and inoculants. As a result of solidaridad interventions which consist of access to certified seeds, inoculants and soil tests, the average productivity of soybeans in Zambia has been consistently increasing from 500kg per hectare in 2018 to 1120kg per hectare in 2021. The…

07 May 2022

Promoting supportive business ecosystems in Central America

When value chain partners become financially viable and offer better services and products, they help create a strong and supportive business ecosystem for farmers and workers. A supportive business ecosystem helps producers to transition towards a more profitable business. Solidaridad works with service suppliers, input providers and off takers to improve their services and financial standing, so they are able…

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