Annual Report: Positive change in 2013

Solidaridad and its network grew rapidly in 2013. In its operations, in securing the supply of high-quality agricultural and industrial products, in partnerships with companies, government agencies, NGOs and donors, and as an expert organisation that is engaged in twelve commodity sectors.

An extensive overview of these developments is reported in the 2013 Annual Report.

Future scarcity triggers investments

The rapid growth of our operations can only be properly understood against the background of the shifting paradigm from aid to trade. Moreover, future scarcity of resources and supply chain concerns among traders and brands have encouraged many companies to invest in good business practices.

Results that matter

External evaluations in 2012 and 2013 concluded that the position of smallholders has improved considerably. Our interventions resulted in increased incomes, higher yields, lower costs, and higher market prices. More than 750,000 farmers, workers and miners are now supported in twelve global sectors by hundreds of our implementing partners, who are working effectively in fields, factories and mines.

Solidaridad Network continues to grow

Once again Solidaridad Network experienced dynamic growth in budget and staffing. In 2013 our income increased to €33.8 million (compared to last year’s €26.9 million). In 2014 this growth will further accelerate to around €42 million. Staff numbers also grew worldwide, from 176 to 276 full-time jobs in ten regional expertise centres on five continents. Solidaridad is well positioned to work on change that matters.

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