Better Mill Initiative wins Ford Motor's leadership award in conservation

Solidaridad China’s The Better Mill Initiative (BMI) received a Leadership in Environmental Conservation Award at the 16th annual Ford Motor Conservation and Environmental Grants, China (CEGC) held in Beijing on 28 November 2016. With over 240 applicants from individuals and environmental NGOs in China, BMI was honored to be the recipient of this award.


Solidaridad China’s textile team proudly displays environmental conservation award.

The automaker has been supporting China’s environmental conservation for more than 16 years. The theme of the award ceremony was “Better World” with more than 200 participants representing Ford executives and employees, media, NGOs, and celebrities. CEGC 2016 presented three award categories, “Leadership in Environmental Conservation”, “Excellence in Public Awareness Campaigns for Environmental Conservation” and “Excellence in Community Development” with a total of 28 awards and grants.


Award-winners gather on stage at the 16th annual Ford Motor Conservation and Environmental Grants event.

Ford Motor presented the award to Solidaridad in recognition of the innovative Better Mill Initiative in China’s textiles industry. This programme helped improve the environmental and social performance of printing and dyeing factories through tailor-made support, group learning and sharing experience.

About Better Mills Initiative

Partnering with six brands including H&M and C&A, Solidaridad's BMI programme has supported 43 factories to address issues such as water and energy efficiency, chemical and waste management, and workplace health and safety. The two and a half year programme resulted in savings including 6,600,000 tons of water and 7,200 tons of chemicals, and 144,000 of CO2 emissions reduction.

The BMI has empowered factories and stakeholders to bring about real results and impactful change to the textiles industry in China.