Central Java opens secretariat for sustainable landscape management

Solidaridad along with its local partner in Central Java, Business Watch Indonesia, has been actively carrying out “Sustainable Landscape Management in Central Java” together with Yayasan Jateng Berdikari and with the support from the Central Java government. To formalize the support of this programme, the Deputy Governor of Central Java, Heru Sudjatmoko, inaugurated the Secretariat for Sustainable Landscape of Food Management (Sekretariat Kawasan Pangan Berkelanjutan) on 7 June in Gradhika Bakti Praja, Semarang, as witnessed by several institutions including Solidaridad.

In order to synergize Central Java’s programmes and policies for supporting a responsible and eco-friendly landscape management, especially in terms of food production, a number of institutions in the province, along with non-governmental organizations, the private sector and academicians, have established this secretariat as a communication and coordination platform.

The Embassy of the Netherlands was represented by Dr Lucy Wassink who endorsed the efforts being made by Solidaridad and Business Watch Indonesia team in creating the landscape platform. Wassink expressed her positive attitude toward this initiative that emphasizes the focus on the farmers and the environment.

Support from community leaders

The inauguration was a part of a panel discussion which was attended by Community and Village Empowerment Agency of Central Java and of all districts/municipalities in the province, all related government institutions in Central Java, representatives of farmers from several districts, academicians and the private sector.

The Executive Director of Solidaridad Network, Nico Roozen, said he was thrilled with the development of the programme which will enhance and support the livelihood of people living in villages around the Merapi volcano. “I think this agroforestry programme not only provides goodness and additional economic value to the people around the area but will also sustain and preserve the forest and nature,” Roozen said. Coffee was chosen because of its capability to complement other hard vegetation in the volcanic area as well as its economic value.

Collaboration with local partners

This programme is part of the local government’s agenda for food resilience within the area. “Coordination and collaboration among stakeholders are necessary to ensure long-term benefits of landscape management,” Managing Director of Solidaridad South and South-East Asia, Shatadru Chattopadhayay said.

Business Watch Indonesia encouraged community participation in the programme. The exemplary areas for the landscape management intervention included the six districts of Sukoharjo, Klaten, Purworejo, Sragen, Wonogiri and Boyolali. Several activities performed in the regions include introducing climate-smart agricultural practices to soybean farmers, developing coffee agroforestry and forest conservation in Merapi, enhancing the capacity of female farmers, and enhancing village facilitators in five districts of the river basin Serayu.

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