Change that matters – 2012 Annual Report

The global Solidaridad network is growing fast. More farmers, workers and miners are being supported in sustainable production, programme investments by Solidaridad and partners rise to all-time highs, and more business partners are choosing sustainable procurement practices. A comprehensive overview can be obtained from the Solidaridad network 2012 annual report.

Results and investments

Almost 700,000 farmers, workers and miners are now supported in eleven global sector programmes. Our largest investments are in the cocoa, coffee, cotton and soy sectors. The total budget of the network in 2012 amounted €26.9 million, almost fifty per cent up from the 2011 €18.3 million. This year a budget of more than €40 million is expected. The number of personnel grew to 190 full-time equivalent staff (employed and freelance) who work from ten regional expertise centres on five continents including the newly established Solidaridad North America centre. This expertise centre will allow Solidaridad to engage strategically with key market players across the region and raise funds in the United States and Canada.

New vision and mission

Looking at the near future, Solidaridad formulated a new vision taking a position in complex matters like food security, scarcity of resources, smart land-use, the bio-based economy, climate change, biodiversity, workers’ rights, women empowerment, child labour and poverty. Big problems, ask for big solutions. The new mission explains the role of our organisation: “Solidaridad is a transition manager, focusing on producer support, a sustainable supply chain and market development. We partner with those who want to make a difference by changing business practices from being part of the problem to becoming part of the solution. Markets have to work for the poor and companies can be the key change drivers.”

Quality and supervision

To be more effective Solidaridad adopted new and improved internal quality systems including a management-information system, financial and results-based management. Through developing these systems and the training of users, Solidaridad wants to become the best in class of organisations for international cooperation. The supervisory structure of Solidaridad is nearly complete with the establishment of four continental supervisory boards and the international board that will be established this year.