“Companies become concerned about sustainability in sugarcane”

Sugarcane industry gathered at Bonsucro meeting in New Orleans 
Bonsucro is a global multi-stakeholder non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the environmental and social impacts of sugarcane production which links its name to a product, process or service that has been certified by an independent certification body as being in compliance with the Bonsucro standard. It is the first global metric standard for sugarcane. This week members are gathered to discuss the future with sugarcane. An interview with Bonsucro Chief Executive Nick Goodall:

What do you hope to achieve in New Orleans?
Bonsucro Week 2013 is an excellent opportunity for us to achieve effectiveness at representing the needs and concerns of those at the heart of the industry. Events like the Public Consultation on the Bonsucro Standard, the Member Day and the Conference make it much easier for Bonsucro to understand the complexities of the industry, and allows the industry to see the benefits of the Bonsucro Standard, as well as the considerable achievements of the organisation since the last annual meeting in London.

How is the sugarcane industry developing if you look at sustainability?
More Individuals and organizations than ever before are waking up to the fact that sustainable production of sugarcane is the future – not only just because it brings great social and environmental benefits, but economic ones too. We only expect this trend to continue as more and more companies become concerned about sustainability.

If you look at the role of companies, brands.  Are they taking responsibility?
Companies have realized that they cannot ignore what occurs during the creation of their goods and services, and as a result, companies understand the importance of mitigating risks in their supply chain. Those companies that are members of Bonsucro are showing a desire to take responsibility for their supply chains, and we are seeing more and more companies wanting to become Bonsucro members.

Can you explain what the role of Bonsucro is at the moment? What is your approach?
The primary role of Bonsucro is to provide the Standard for sustainable sugarcane so that those wishing to demonstrate their sustainability credentials are able to do so. The Standard must be fair, transparent and of the highest quality possible, so it can, in turn, be embraced as widely as possible. With this in mind, Bonsucro is working to continuously improve the Standard – we want to make it work as best as possible for all the diverse communities involved in the sugarcane industry.

What would be the major change that we need at the moment to improve the world of and with sugarcane?
To put it simply, we need more organizations to embrace the Standard – it offers the industry the best path towards fully sustainable sugarcane production.

How can you change the world with sugarcane?
Sugarcane is one of the world’s top commodities. By showing that sustainable production of sugarcane is possible and by demonstrating the numerous social, environmental and economic benefits it brings, we can set an example to other commodities and industries that until now have perhaps shied away from putting sustainability at the top of their agenda.


How can you change the world with sugarcane? Nick Goodall, Bonsucro from Solidaridad Network on Vimeo.

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