Dutch MFA selects Solidaridad for new strategic partnership

Solidaridad is one of the 25 organisations eligible for a strategic partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a period of five years starting in 2016. Solidaridad will work closely with the Ministry in developing the new programmes resulting from this partnership. “This is a wonderful chance for Solidaridad to continue to strengthen its impact on making worldwide production chains more sustainable,” said Saskia Jongma, director of Solidaridad.

Strengthen the supply chain with better spatial planning and investment policies

Solidaridad focusses on 12 global economic sectors with aim of improving the sustainability of supply chains and works closely with all the people involved in these supply chains on voluntary improvements.  “We work on the cutting-edge of what is possible, and are confronted with the limits of this approach,” Jongma said.

“Certification is a step in the right direction, but offers no guarantee for sustainable production. There are many free-riders and stragglers who are only motivated to change their practices through government intervention. As we approach the middle of this century, providing food for 9 billion people will require an increased food production with fewer resources such as land, energy and fertilizer.  That’s why an integrated spatial policy from the government is needed that makes clever use of the space available for social, ecological and economic purposes. In addition, foreign and domestic investments in developing countries, often of great importance for the people and the environment, require active guidance from the financial sector, the government and civil society,” according to Jongma.

Seeking synergy with governments and civil society organisations

“Solidaridad broadened its approach to working with governments to include matters such as spatial planning and investment decisions. The new partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the perfect opportunity to continue this approach and improve on it,” Jongma added after receiving news of the partnership. “We are seeking optimal synergy with the Ministry during this period.  Diplomacy and other activities of the Dutch embassies around the world in the areas of business and development are certainly complementary to the work we do. Solidaridad, on the other hand, makes a contribution to the goals of the Dutch Ministry.”