EU Excellence Awards: Good Gold campaign gets the nod

The communication campaign On our way to Good Gold of the Solidaridad Gold Programmehas been shortlisted under the non-governmental organisation category for the 2012 European Excellence Awards. 

The Excellence Awards honour outstanding performance in the field of PR and communication. The campaign On our way to Good Gold has been very successful indeed. Jewelry designer Bibi van der Velden, was asked to create a bracelet which would reflect the Solidaridad cause, but also the beauty of gold. More than 10 000 people currently wear this brass bracelet in support of the campaign. The application of a more personalised strategy in the campaign, through a bracelet and giving people a chance to participate has been widely embraced.

According to Anne-Katrien Denissen from Solidaridad who is part of the campaign team, the campaign still continues. “Through small and big activities we continuously try to make consumers aware that they can help by asking for ‘Good Gold.’ And off course, by wearing the ‘Good Gold’ bracelet!”

Improving mine conditions

The working circumstances in goldmines around the world are often unsafe and unhealthy for miners and the environment, and miners are often poorly paid. Solidaridad aims to improve the lives of the people who work in these mines. Together with Max Havelaar, the organisation developed a Fairtrade & Fairmined standard which seeks to improve the conditions in mines. However, the launch of the FT-FM standard would only work if a demand for Good Gold was created. This formed the basis of the campaign “On our way to Good Gold.”

With this campaign Solidaridad aims to raise awareness and include the Dutch public and gold industry in a movement towards Good Gold. This way people can personally become ambassadors to spread the message: Together we are on our way to Good Gold. 

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