Learning Together: Solidaridad and Partners Host Inclusive Finance Pavilion

The Global Landscape Forum (GLF) will take place in Bonn, Germany on 19 and 20 December. This annual event brings together thought leaders and practitioners working on landscape solutions around the globe.

Solidaridad, together with partners of The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative, is co-organizing the Inclusive Landscapes Finance Pavilion, which presents a rich, interactive programme touching on all aspects of landscape finance.


Solidaridad considers GLF a unique platform to participate in, network with partners and showcase its programmes.

Established in 2013, GLF has become a powerful community of change which believes that “Sustainable Landscapes are essential for the future we want: for food, livelihoods, health, renewable materials, energy, biodiversity, business development, trade, climate regulation and water” (Concept Note GLF 2017)

The opportunity to co-host the Inclusive Landscapes Finance Pavilion fits the strategic priorities of Solidaridad to scale efforts in landscape level programming and build capacity to identify business cases and opportunities for impact investment. The Solidaridad delegation in Bonn hosts a variety of expertise, including on climate, governance, business and finance, to contribute and connect with donors and partners from different angles.

Meet the team!

Solidaridad delegation

From the Netherlands

  • Lars van Doremalen – Impact Investment Advisor
  • Katie Minderhoud – Knowledge Management and Learning Advisor
  • Nadine Planzer – Climate Innovation Manager
  • Ronald Visser – Donor Relations Manager

Lars van Doremalen, Impact Investment Advisor at Solidaridad Europe: “I develop business concepts that work in developing countries, make our partners investment-ready and connect the opportunities we see in our projects to impact investors.”

Katie Minderhoud, Knowledge Management and Learning Advisor at Solidaridad Europe: “The Landscape Approach is an exciting learning journey and Solidaridad builds on the solid foundation of  experience and partnerships with private sector working on sustainable commodity production.”

From Germany

Starting this year, Solidaridad has additional capacity on board with the inclusion of a German delegation. Markus Bier and Moriz Vohrer will lead the German delegation for Solidaridad Europe with the support of Johannes Manthey – trainee on Impact Investment – and Valerie Manz – trainee and completing her Master’s in Environmental Management.

From Central America

Michaelyn Bachhuber Baur, regional director of the Central America, Mexico and Caribbean for Solidaridad Network, is at GLF in Bonn for the official launch of the Landscape Investment Finance Tool (LIFT) together with IUCN-NL and EcoAgriculture Partners. Bachhuber Baur will speak about the experience in the Solidaridad Honduras Landscape Programme on business case development and matchmaking with investors for landscape restoration and mixed agroforestry-cocoa production systems which provide critical ecosystem functions and viable livelihoods for producers.

Programme highlights with partners

Launch of Landscape Investment Finance Tool (LIFT)

IUCN-NL, EcoAgriculture Partners and Solidaridad share their experience with the participatory and process-driven approach of LIFT.

In order for investments to be realised in inclusive, multi-stakeholder landscape initiatives, we have to help bring the financial sector and landscape actors more closely together. – Jan Willem den Besten, a senior expert on climate and ecosystems, IUCN Netherlands, and a co-creator of LIFT

Panel discussion on Governance and Finance: Two sides of the same coin

In this session, participants will discuss the knowledge gaps and necessary actions to scale best practices of Responsible Land Based Investments by highlighting the intricate connections between governance and finance.

An expert panel will reflect on:

  1. What governance needs to be in place to facilitate investments in a broader landscape context?
  2. Who will invest to bring governance towards a standard where the private sector can operate responsibly?

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, PBL, will be present at the Solidaridad booth in the Inclusive Landscape Finance Pavilion to showcase the land use scenario modelling tool which was developed and tested in the Solidaridad Landscape Programme in Honduras.

This model aims to facilitate improved understanding among stakeholders of socio-economic and ecological processes in the landscape to design more win-win interventions and opportunities for blended investments. – Johan Meijer, Researcher on Integrated & Sustainable Landscapes, Modelling and GIS at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

The programme at GLF revolves around connecting people and facilitating learning and knowledge exchange. Be part of this event and follow us online using hashtag #inclusivefinance.

Join us on this learning journey. Stay tuned for the report on the sessions highlighted above.