Local workshops engage community leaders to increase sustainability awareness

In an effort to increase knowledge of sustainability issues in areas where it is most needed, Solidaridad and Oil Palm Farmers’ Union (SPKS Sintang) carried out a full-day workshop on Sustainable Palm Oil Management in the Sintang District of Indonesia in March.

Sintang District government representatives and other stakeholders such as local and national NGOs attended the workshop as part of “Two Goals with One Kernel” programme supported by The David & Lucile Packard Foundation. The workshop ensured these influential leaders were armed with the best knowledge to empower smallholder farmers and palm oil companies.

A booming business

The palm oil business in Sintang District has increased significantly over the past decade. Currently, palm oil smallholders already cover 13 of the 14 sub-districts within Sintang District. However, smallholders’ knowledge and retention of sustainable agricultural practices in most of those sub-districts is very low and in need of intensive support, according to an assessment conducted by SPKS Sintang in 2016.

Empowering with education

Solidaridad and SPKS Sintang joined hands to address the widening knowledge gap. One of the ways to scale up the knowledge among farmers is by conducting various workshops needed by the stakeholders. In this workshop, Solidaridad and SPKS Sintang also encouraged the farmers to enhance multi-stakeholder collaboration in order to collectively strengthen policy and commitment for conserving forest area and managing palm oil plantations sustainably.

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