New trade platform brings South American soy to the Chinese market

Solidaridad jointly launched the Sustainable Soy Trade Platform this year with the Paulson Institute, TNC, and WWF to develop a demand signal from China for sustainable, free from habitat conversion, soy from South America. With the Paulson Institute in the lead, Solidaridad is responsible for engaging leading soy companies in the Chinese market.

Partners with Chinese industry

Recognizing the strategic value of the Chinese market in global trade, Solidaridad has invested great effort to build strong partnerships in the Chinese soy and palm oil industries, including with Sinograin, Jiusan Group, Julong Group, COFCO, and CP Group. China is the world’s lead importer of soy and palm oil. To this end, addressing the growing challenges of sustainability and climate change worldwide isn’t possible without the participation of China.

Through the platform, Chinese companies can join together to collectively send a demand signal from the Chinese market for sustainable products. – Martin Ma, Managing Director of Solidaridad China

Strategies for improvement

While multi-national companies have already made public commitments, Chinese players have yet to make a clear demand for sustainable products. In a price sensitive industry, major Chinese soy and palm oil importers often feel powerless and without a voice to make sustainability a priority in their supply chains. Solidaridad is working to develop a business case for sustainability in the Chinese market by providing opportunities for:

  • sharing information and best practices;
  • attending workshops and exchange trips;
  • aligning strategies and developing consensus.

A call for leadership

The Paris COP21 could not have fallen at a better time. Not only was China’s leading food product company, COFCO, present at the Climate Summit, but COFCO’s Chairman Ning took initiative to speak on behalf of Chinese companies efforts to include sustainability in their business strategies. This is a clear  sign that not only is the Chinese government moving climate change mitigation to the top of its agenda, but so are Chinese businesses. The Chinese market needs a leader like COFCO to set an example so that other companies can follow and join the global sustainability agenda.

Visit the Sustainable Soy Trade Platform to learn about how your business can take advantage of this global shift in commodity trading.