Nutri-Fair Event in India Highlights Women’s Role in Agriculture

More than 1,000 rural women in Bhopal, India gathered at a special event organized by Solidaridad, the Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research Institute to commemorate International Women’s Day.

The theme for the programme was “Nutri Fair” and the agenda was set to discuss issues related to rural women and nutrition. The day also highlighted efforts undertaken by different stakeholders in this regard.

The event was attended by a total of 1,200 rural women from across the state and provided a platform for cross-learning. It recognized the efforts of female entrepreneurs and highlighted women’s role in agriculture.

A Spotlight on Women’s Role in Agriculture

The daylong event was divided into sessions designed to cover aspects of soy nutrition benefits for rural women and children, soy food technologies, good agricultural practices, and female empowerment.

The first was an interactive session focussed on knowledge sharing by female entrepreneurs on health and the economic benefits of soy food products. This was followed by a technical session on the nutritional aspects of soy products by different experts. Stakeholders also discussed prevailing and emerging gender issues and the role of women in agriculture with lessons for future sustainable development.

During this event, the Resource Centre for Women in Agriculture was inaugurated jointly with the support from Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Indian Institute of Soybean Research. The Nutri Fair event was organized under the umbrella of Resource Centre for Women in Agriculture.

Female Empowerment Key to Sustainability

Gender is an integral part of Solidaridad’s soy programme in South and South-East Asia. Our gender inclusion approach is based on family farm systems and the values of equity, equality and empowerment. 

The issues and way forward discussed during the event would further pave ways for collective and coordinated efforts towards gender inclusion and leveraging agriculture for women empowerment and improved nutrition. 

The event was jointly organised through a consortium of stakeholders and partners engaged in the advancement of sustainable agriculture and the livelihood of women empowerment. Some of these were Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (MPSRLM), Mahindra, ITC Ltd, Reliance foundation and Vippy Industries. 

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