Securing land titles, providing opportunity for coffee producers in Honduras

Without access to a clear land title, many coffee farmers struggle to access financing, put down roots, and pass their farm onto the next generation. The Honduran Association of Coffee Producers and Solidaridad are helping farming families secure land titles and obtain scholarships for young people to create a more sustainable future.

Solidaridad,  the Honduran Association of Coffee Producers (AHPROCAFE) and the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) have secured land titles for a group of 300 farmers that will be distributed nationwide. By formalizing land titles farmers are able access credit and invest in their farms, improving agricultural productivity and livelihoods. The second aspect of the programme features a scholarship programme for the children of coffee farmers so that they can specialize in coffee growing and processing. 

“We have defined specific topics: sustainable coffee growing, climate change, leadership, and farm management, and together with AHPROCAFE, we selected young producers who will benefit,” says Sofía Núñez, country manager, Solidaridad Honduras. 

This aspect of the programme will help close the generational gap in the coffee sector as farmers age.  The programme is awakening an interest and love for coffee growing, but also transfers new knowledge by sharing technological advances and practices that will make new generations more resilient. 

We believe that the producers need incentives and support from the government and coffee institutions to improve their practices.

Adilson Ávila, general manager of IHCAFE

Changing the perspectives of coffee producers 

Land titles are of vital importance for producers. It’s more than pride, it is a legal document that allows them to be recognized as rightful owners of their farm and enjoy all their rights based on Honduran law.

“You are a very important part of the coffee commercialization chain and we have a duty to support you. That’s why in AHPROCAFE we feel extremely happy to be able to fulfill the dream of our producers, from today on they can say that they are owners of their land, their house and their property” Pedro Mendoza, president of AHPROCAFE.

This is a great step forward, especially for women producers who often face systemic barriers that limit their chances of owning land. Access to and control of productive resources for women producers is one of the pillars of the Gender Policy for the Honduran Coffee Sector. This policy was approved in 2021 and ratified during the Specialty Coffee Expo 2022 in Boston.The policy helps reduce gender gaps in the sector and unites government institutions, civil society organizations and private companies to promote equal opportunities for women and men. 

With these land titles, we are taking action to ensure that women and men, working in such an important sector, are the legal owners of their farms

Sofía Núñez, country manager, Solidaridad Honduras

Working towards shared goals to support the coffee sector

Land titles provide women with greater opportunity in their community.

Solidaridad counts with over 50 years of experience in developing solutions to make communities more resilient and foster more sustainable supply chains. We believe that partnerships can support a sustainable coffee sector while sharing knowledge and generating innovative solutions. 

The alliance with IHCAFE and AHPROCAFE has already generated strong results. We hope to continue contributing to the sustainable development of the coffee sector by securing rightful land titles and ensuring that young people can see a future in coffee if they choose.