Solidaridad Asia Awarded for Innovation in Food Security

Solidaridad Asia was honored to win the Global Good Governance Award for Innovation in Food Security, being recognized for facilitating development of socially responsible, ecologically sound and profitable supply chains for 13 agricultural commodities across nine countries in Asia, and working closely with producers, industries and state and federal governments.

Solidaridad Asia has been conferred the 3G Innovation in Food Security Award as part of the prestigious 5th Global Good Governance Awards 2020. The Online Awards Ceremony (OAC), which took place on June 8th, recognises organisations that bring “global excellence and innovative research in ensuring convenience, accessibility, affordability and sufficiency of food for any region, environment or country”.

An unorganised global economy continues to threaten food security, environment and businesses. The challenge of producing ‘more with less’ and ensuring sustainability for people and environment is growing only bigger by the day. The award fittingly recognises Solidaridad Asia for its innovations and achievements in solution-oriented sustainability initiatives towards ensuring food security. Developing sustainable food supply chains to improve affordability and accessibility of healthy food is the heart of every strategy at Solidaridad Asia.

Upon winning the award, Shatadru Chattopadhyay, Managing Director of Solidaridad Asia, remarked, “For the last 50 years, Solidaridad has been supporting farmers across the world to produce more food while reducing the impact on ecology. Yet, we do not stop at producing food in an ecologically sustainable way. We also develop sustainable, healthy food supply chains to improve affordability and accessibility of healthy food at a reasonable price point. This award is a great recognition not only for Solidaridad Asia, but also for its 450 colleagues who are working relentlessly on the agenda of food and nutrition security.”

Emergence of climate change and digital technology has called for a significant increase in (smallholder) productivity. Solidaridad believes that growing food in a sustainable and resilient manner will help meet the need for healthy and nutritious food and speed up the process of agricultural transformation. The organisation offers sustainability interventions focussed on continual improvements driven by both farmers and entrepreneurs, with special attention to the untapped and high potential of women and youth.

The Global Good Governance Awards, sponsored by Cambridge IFA, recognise and honour individuals, governments, public and private organisations and non-governmental institutions that have a strong focus on governance and sustainability in their work and activities. The award recognises individuals and organisations from all over the world.

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