Solidaridad Celebrates New European Office in Germany

Germany is the largest economy in Europe, an important agricultural player and an essential market for Solidaridad to engage with. To work towards fulfilling our European ambitions, Solidaridad has created the foundation for a new entity in Germany.

Pictured: Our country representatives for Germany, Moriz Vohrer (second from the left), Markus Bier (middle, front row) and Johannes Manthey (middle, back row) with Solidaridad colleagues at the Global Landscapes Forum 2017 in Bonn, Germany  ​

Establishing Our Presence in Germany

In the course of 2017, our colleagues worked to establish Solidaridad's organizational presence in Germany. The main goal is to connect our global Solidaridad network to various German stakeholders. To help fulfil this ambition, Solidaridad hired three German colleagues as our country representatives: Moriz Vohrer, Markus Bier and Johannes Manthey. 

Exploring New Opportunities

Germany’s goal of further transforming its own, as well as the global economy, towards more sustainable practices, is aligned with the vision and mission of Solidaridad. Many companies in Germany are connected with businesses in countries where Solidaridad is already active. This presents good opportunities for further exploration.

The ambition of our German colleagues is to help connect the dots by advising German companies on how to improve their sustainability practices throughout the supply chain. In addition, to become an implementing partner for various projects and activities. The on-site expertise of Solidaridad Network and the support of the German government are significant for making this possible.

In the long run, the goal goes beyond connecting the global Solidaridad network to German stakeholders: it is increasing consumer consciousness among the German public about sustainability and what is behind our food and clothes. Moriz and Markus are confident that in the long term, consumer consciousness will be the main pillar to shift the economy towards more sustainability. In the end, every policy maker, donor or company employee is also a consumer, affected personally by the call for more sustainable practices.

Small Steps, Big Leaps

There are, of course, also challenges that come with establishing a new organizational entity. A lot of work at this stage involves making introductions and building trust. Differences in culture and political environment are also influential factors. Moriz is very positive and looks forward to the challenge. There is a German expression which illustrates this well, he thinks: Steter tropfen höhlt den Stein. ‘Drop by drop, the stone will wear away’.

In other words, small steps – big leaps. He has great appreciation for the passion for sustainability we share at Solidaridad, combined with our hands-on, pragmatic approach. This is a good attitude to take on this new challenge. At Solidaridad, we are certainly looking forward to the developments.

European Ambitions

At Solidaridad in Europe, we strive to work towards our goals for sustainable economic development on the wider European level. In the increasingly globalizing economy, our activities in fundraising, policy influencing and public-private partnerships benefit greatly from our international character and network reach.

Establishing our presence in Germany is an important step towards further fulfilling our European ambitions.