Solidaridad event: How to change the world with sugarcane

In our vision sugarcane can play an important part in the replacement of oil in producing for example fuels, chemicals and plastics, and of course it provides us with sugar. Sugarcane has tremendous economic potential and the sugarcane industry provides an avenue to improve farmer income and labor conditions for millions of people, but we can only fulfill this promise as the crop of the future if we together further improve the way sugarcane is being produced.

Event London

This is why Solidaridad is organizing an event about the future of sugarcane. The 14th of October wel will inspire, motivate and stimulate big international companies to start thinking about the campaign question; How can you change the world with sugarcane? We can only create this change that matters together, no one can solve the problem on their own and this is a beginning of a journey towards a solution.


Various inspiring speakers will address this global & essential topic such as:

  • Geraldine Kutas

Senior Advisor International Affairs and Head of the European Union representation office of UNICA,

the Brazilian sugarcane industry association.  Represents about 40% of the sugarcane production in the world

  • John Elkington

Executive Chairman of Volans, co-founder of SustainAbility and of Environmental Data Services.

A world authority on sustainability who was placed 4th in the Top 100 CSR leaders after Al Gore, Barack Obama and the late Anita Roddick.

  • Dirk Jan de With

VP Procurement Ingredients & Sustainability, Unilever. One of the world’s frontrunner companies in sustainability

  • Sven Sielhorst

International manager Sugarcane programme Solidaridad. Campaign introduction: How to Change the World with Sugarcane

More information about our speakers can be found on our event website: let’s turn a new leaf together!


For registration please use our registration site. Limited seats available. On our event webpage you will also find travel information, a list of nearby hotels, and the latest update on the programme and speakers.

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On October 14th we will launch our campaign in London at 2.50 PM. By signing up with Twitter, Facebook or Tumbler you’ll participate in sending a collective message to the world:

A new Solidaridad campaign: How can you change the world with #sugarcane? Read more & join the movement!