Solidaridad factory shares experiences on sustainability at international CSR forum

Solidaridad’s partner Hangzhou Samsung Down Products was invited to the panel discussion at the 12th Sino-European CSR Roundtable Forum held in Beijing in June to share its experiences and lessons learned for responsible and sustainable supply chains.

The forum established a communication platform for buyers and suppliers to deliver constructive suggestions related to corporate social responsibility. Representatives from governments, associations and business chambers, research institutions, international organizations, NGOs, media and multinational companies participated in the forum.

Continuous improvement brings sustainability

In 2013, Hangzhou Samsung Down Products Co. Ltd., in partnership with ICA, a Swedish retailer, participated in the one-year Responsible Factory Project initiated by Solidaridad that aims to help build capacity for the participating factories by teaching skills neccesary to establish an internal management system for continuous improvement.

With trainings and on-site expert support organized by Solidaridad, Hangzhou Samsung Down Products implemented 16 improvement measures regarding resource efficiency, social dialogue, and workplace health and safety, which included a total financial investment of about 1.2 million Chinese Yuan (RMB). The improvements resulted in a total savings of 465.5 tons of coal, 59,887m3 of water, and 821 tons of CO2 emissions. With open and effective worker-management communication channels in place, workers’ needs are well communicated and their job satisfaction enhanced. The staff turnover rate has decreased by 10% as compared to 2013.

A due diligence process can help an organization to address risks or adverse impacts that are directly linked to its operations, products or services by confronting issues ranging from employment and industrial relations, disclosure, etc. This is a responsibility of all actors in the supply chain and should be mutually reinforced by organizations operating in the different segments of the supply chain, including brands, retailers, producers, and governments.

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