Solidaridad Helps Launch "Green Villages" in Indonesia

Many countries, including Indonesia, are overwhelmed by increasing levels of plastic. Just last month, the shocking news of a whale dying from ingesting 80 plastic bags hit global headlines. On World Environment Day, Solidaridad joined hands with the local government of Sintang Regency to launch a pilot “Green Village” project.

Pictured: Securing Their Future. 

Preserving The Environment For Future Generations

These “green villages” are expected to become an example for other villages on how to improve living conditions while also protecting the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

The intervention will not only cover good farming practices, but also other daily activities in the village such as sanitation, waste management, and plastic pollution control in particular. Through collaboration with Dinas Education and local schools, Solidaridad will provide environmental education for children and create school gardens.

Improving The Capacity of The Village Government

The programme will improve the capacity of the village government and groups of villagers that will manage the implementation of green village. Some other green economic activities will include the use of alternate energy sources, addressing availability of clean drinking water with the ownership resting with the community and cultivating JAPP species for enhancing subsidiary incomes.

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods

In addition, the development of lemon and citronella grass farms for extraction of oil and honey bee farming as an approach of sustainable livelihood by using adjoining forest resources under conservation and preservation to assist the natural pollination of plants in the area and bring about the desired improvement on the locales biodiversity.

The Green village programme will be implemented in two villages in Sintang, Desa Merpak and Desa Sepulut, and one village in Sekadau, Desa Tapang Semadak.

The hope is that they will set an example for other villages to adopt the concept and move forward on institutionalizing the process.

To further support green initiatives within the Sintang Regency, the Embassy of Netherlands Indonesia has called for further Dutch investment. Read more here.

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