Solidaridad launches ambitious deforestation-free strategy in South America

Solidaridad will work with 6,889 producers to avoid the deforestation of 144,000 hectares, implement sustainable production across 157,000 hectares and restore 30,000 hectares currently degraded.

The proposed strategy seeks to reduce the expansion of the agricultural frontier in the countries of Colombia, Peru and Brazil by stimulating the production and marketing of agricultural products free of deforestation. The initiative has an investment of more than 6 million euro (NOK ~62 million kroner) from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) and will last for three years.

A coffee field in San Martin, Colombia

At the farm level, the work will focus on coffee, cocoa, soybean and livestock supply chains in three biomes where Solidaridad has already shown that it is possible to produce more with fewer environmental impacts.

Based on proven intervention models, this new programme will accelerate the adoption of low carbon practices that improve the resilience of producers to the effects of climate change, reduce GHG emissions and increase their productivity.

Likewise, at the market level, Solidaridad will stimulate the purchase of 4,000 tons of coffee free of deforestation by traders and companies in the United States and Europe, as well as investments in this innovative model.

"If we want to support the action goals for climate that the world needs to reduce emissions and create climate resilience, it is key to communicate to the markets that there are sustainable supply chains free of deforestation in the region and for the private sector to choose them and support," said Managing Director of Solidaridad in South America, Gonzalo La Cruz.

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