Solidaridad Launches New Approaches for Sustainability in 2016

During a turbulent year with many changes in the geopolitical sphere, Solidaridad and its partners united to improve the livelihoods of close to 700,000 producers working on around one million hectares of land. The Annual Report 2016 describes initial progress made in Solidaridad’s new strategy and demonstrates how Solidaridad is working to contribute to a future that is more robust, resilient and inclusive for all.

In a collaboration on a global scale last year, the Solidaridad Network strengthened its brand, developed new proposals that received significant support from funding partners and further improved cooperation with stakeholders in the regions where Solidaridad is active.

The most recent annual report provides specific information about challenges, results and partnerships for each of Solidaridad’s global commodity programmes. In addition, Solidaridad's regional expertise centres across the world offer insights into a wide range of programmes Solidaridad is implementing at the local level.

Several regions continue to face a growing disaster. Climate change is being felt by producers everywhere. Severe droughts, for example, have impacted our programmes in Southern Africa and Brazil. In South Asia and China, however, we are noticing an increased interest from governments and businesses in finding local solutions to address climate change for their specific communities. – Solidaridad Network Executive Director Nico Roozen.

With a new strategy and ongoing organizational growth, Solidaridad is adapting now to meet the challenges of the future. The Solidaridad Network implementation budget continues to grow each year, which is an indication of the increasing support from external donors and partners.

Read more in the Solidaridad Network 2016 Annual Report