Solidaridad launches website for sustainability in South America

06 December 2016

In order to better communicate and promote sustainability efforts in the region among Spanish-speaking audiences, Solidaridad launched a new South American website this month at

Visit the Solidaridad South America website.

This year, the former Solidaridad teams from the Andes region (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Northern Bolivia) and South America region (Brazil, Paraguay, Southern Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay) merged into one team to work towards sustainability in the whole of South America in a more efficient and coordinated way.

Navigating the web:

  • In the section “About” (Nosotros), visitors will be able to view an updated track record of Solidaridad in South America, a long road that started with coffee and fruits and now covers 10 supply chains. The website also describes Solidaridad’s main areas of intervention for building more inclusive and sustainable markets. It also features staff and contact information for Solidaridad’s five country offices in Bogotá, Lima, São Paulo, Asunción and Buenos Aires.

  • In the section “Supply Chains” (Cadenas de Suministro), visitors will find updated information on Solidaridad’s regional commodity programmes’ main challenges, developments and projects. The website also provide links to Solidaridad’s main programme platforms such as the Sustainable Trade Platform in Colombia, Rural Horizons and Agrolearning, an online training platform for the coffee sector. It includes links to initiatives where Solidaridad is partnering with local allies like the Trust Fund and Sustentagro in Paraguay.

  • In the section “Partners” (Aliados), visitors can see who Solidaridad engages with, from producer associations to governments, in order to develop innovative solutions for local situations.

  • In the section “News” (Noticias), visitors can learn about more recent news and videos, read interviews from Solidaridad experts, look for current job vacancies and download studies and cases with conclusions on how to face and solve main regional challenges for sustainable production.

  • In the section “Trainings” (Cursos), visitors can access the online learning platform for producers developed by Solidaridad’s coffee team.

If you want to send comments or reach out to our South American team, please contact us at


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  • Contact Information

    Gonzalo la Cruz

    Managing Director, Solidaridad South America

    Av. Roosevelt 5866 Miraflores, Lima 18 - Peru