Solidaridad organizes sustainable cotton seminar for textile companies

International experts and industry actors will share their knowledge and experience regarding sustainable cotton during the “Picking Sustainable Cotton” seminar on 17 November in Utrecht. By organizing this interactive and informative afternoon, civil society organization Solidaridad hopes to provide textile companies with the opportunity to take steps towards a sustainable textiles industry. During the seminar, the most pertinent developments and initiatives regarding sustainable cotton will be shared and discussed in an informal setting.

Learning from front runners

Sports retailer Decathlon recently publicized that in 2020 all cotton used in their Passion brands will be sustainable. Nagy Bensid, Director Yarns and Fibres at Decathlon, will share his experiences, as well as the successes and obstacles he encountered when taking on this front runner position. Annet Feenstra, PR & Communications Manager at H&M Netherlands will give insight in what it means to become and stay a front runner in sustainability and what it means to communicate about continuous improvement.

Concrete follow up

Victor Vlam, communication trainer at Debatrix, is an expert in building solid arguments and counter arguments, and in helping you do the same. What are the critical questions that come from your suppliers, or even from inside your company, when discussing sustainable cotton? How do you transform reluctance in enthusiasm? Using his directly applicable advice, Victor will ensure that participants are armed with answers for the toughest of questions from their organizations.

Organic cotton, Fairtrade cotton and Better Cotton

The main question of the seminar is: Why is it so important that brands and retailers source sustainable cotton? Pesticides Action Network UK, Solidaridad and WWF, publishers of the report Mind the Gap (PDF), will explain why the need for more uptake is so urgent. Brands working with Organic cotton, Fairtrade cotton and Better Cotton will share their experiences in a panel discussion. Why did they choose for the standard they work with, or why did they choose for a combination of several standards? What did these choices mean for their existing supply chain, or even their products?

Join the seminar

Are you interested in knowing what you or your company can do next to contribute to a more sustainable cotton and textiles sector? Join the seminar Picking Sustainable Cotton on 17 November.

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