Solidaridad to coordinate Tropical Forest Alliance for Peru and Colombia

Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) announced Javier Ortiz as Coordinator for Colombia and Peru and Daniel Coronel as Deputy Coordinator for Peru. Solidaridad will be supported in its role by Climate Focus, Earth Innovation Institute and Alternate Development Mechanisms.

The alliance between Solidaridad and Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) will promote the implementation of zero deforestation agreements in key supply chains, promoting the engagement of companies with the potential to make a sustainable impact at the regional and sector level.

The Tropical Forest Alliance is a global platform that emerged in 2012 during the Rio+ 20 conference, when the Consumer Goods Forum made a commitment to eradicate deforestation from palm oil, cattle, soybean and paper supply chains globally by. 2020. Since then, it has engaged more and more members from the private and public sectors, civil society, and indigenous communities, to identify key challenges at agricultural frontiers, and to think of joint solutions that help conserve our tropical forests. Resources for these interventions come from the governments of Norway, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and the Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation through the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Solidaridad has been a member of the coalition since 2014, and has collaborated in the signing of zero deforestation commitments in the livestock and palm oil chains in Colombia, among other actions. The consortium with Climate Focus, Earth Innovation Institute and Alternative Development Mechanisms leverages years of experience in facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues at the sectoral and jurisdictional level in Colombia and Peru. One challenge to materializing zero deforestation commitments in supply chains will be the formalization of small farmers, and creating economic and financial incentives for them to produce sustainably.

The tasks to be undertaken by Solidaridad and its partners include:

  • Supporting key companies in key chains in fulfilling the commitments made

  • Development of deforestation-free jurisdictions

  • Design and implementation of strategies to engage new members

  • Design and implementation of communication strategies

It is important to mention that the coordination role does not replace the TFA Technical Secretariats or the agreements and coalitions in Colombia and Peru, but rather complements and strengthens the presence of TFA in the region. This will accelerate the fulfillment of the commitments and purposes that the Alliance pursues in preserving the 20% ​​of the Amazon area that is present in these countries.

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