Solvent Extractors Association of India acknowledges Solidaridad as partner

India’s premier edible oil industry association, the Solvent Extractors Association of India (SEA) recognized and acknowledged Solidaridad as its sustainability partner during the Rapeseed-Mustard Conclave 2019 on 04 and 05 May at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

The theme of the two-day conclave was based on mustard productivity target of 100 million ton by 2022. The conclave provided an opportunity for open discussions and exchange of views about the issues pertaining to rapeseed and mustard oil and meal; international and national businesses and find solutions to the problems faced by the manufacturers, importers & exporters, technologists, players from the commodity exchanges etc.

Solidaridad together with the Solvent Extractors’ Association of India is shaping the overall sustainability in the edible oil sector in Asia and promoting multipronged strategies for addressing key sustainability issues and risks while enhancing the credibility of sector, improving livelihoods of smallholders, efficient business performances and robust industries.

Together the organizations are promoting national initiatives, facilitating an enabling environment for joint actions and fostering cross country cooperation for sustainable production and trade of palm oil as it is a cost-effective solution for middle-income countries such as India and China. Through its association with SEA, Solidaridad is aiming to in-line the sustainability agenda in overall edible oil portfolio, as more or sufficient production would ultimately contribute towards the overall sustainability of the sector.

In partnership with the Solvent Extractors’ Association of India, many milestones in sustainable palm oil have been achieved towards enhancing overall sustainability and growth of the edible oil sector in the Asian subcontinents.

As the edible oil sector has a crucial role in rural economy, employment, environment and food security, Solidaridad looks forward to further joint accomplishments and continue its concerted efforts towards enhancing sustainability in the sector for economic growth of the region, poverty eradication, employment, food security and achieving sustainable production, commercially viable and sustainable business performances and ecosystem conservation outcomes in an inclusive manner.

The Solvent Extractor’s’ Association of India (SEA) is one of the biggest edible Oil Industry and Trade Association in India. The Association’s present strength is over 850 members including solvent extraction plants, oil mills, vegetable oil refineries; compound feed manufacturers, importers & exporters of vegetable oils and oil meals and providers of various services to the industry. The Association plays a crucial role in enhancing the sustainability of the edible oil sector in Asia and globally. The main purpose of the Association is to foster the development and growth of the industry. It organizes and facilitates many national and international forums and dialogues, platforms to discuss issues related to sustainability in the sector, enabling policies and facilitate BcB / B2G / cross country cooperation and collaboration.

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