STIP Launches First & Only Shrimp Industry Glossy: Shrimptails

This week, the Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal (STIP) publishes the first edition of Shrimptails, the first and only shrimp sector sourcing magazine.

Free Magazine For Sustainable Sourcing & Market Intelligence

STIP is an initiative powered by Solidaridad Network with the aim to improve the transparency of the seafood industry. Shrimptails will provide readers with standardized sourcing and market updates, as well as tails as told by industry professionals from around the world.

Each edition will feature five key countries: Bangladesh, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, as well as new and interesting sourcing destinations. This first edition will give market updates across Europe and look at import statistics and trends in the buying behavior of consumers. These regions will be a permanent feature of Shrimptails and future editions will incorporate other world markets.

Access To In-depth Intelligence on The Global Shrimp Industry

Along with growth in the global production volumes of shrimp, questions have been raised in recent times about the sustainability and feasibility of ambitious growth targets. This first edition of Shrimptails will focus on these aggressive production targets and examine issues involved with antibiotics in the shrimp industry.

A Valuable Tool To Guide Responsible Business Decisions

With Shrimptails, STIP aims to contribute to industry transparency by giving a wide audience access to in-depth shrimp industry information. STIP believes transparency is key to achieving sustainability of the shrimp industry.

Willem van der Pijl, editor-in-chief of Shrimptails, has been working in the shrimp industry for almost ten years. He  started his career in shrimp in Chennai, India and has since, travelled across the world, working with shrimp farmers, exporters and importers towards a more sustainable industry. He says:

Over the course of my career, I have developed a deep fascination and admiration for the people who are ‘knee-deep’ in the industry. I have also started to understand the ‘nitty gritty’ of the complicated industry.

As Editor-in-Chief of ShrimpTails, I see it as my task to give back and provide the industry with intelligence to support nifty and responsible decisions.

Shrimptails will provide shrimp producers, importers and exporters with in-depth intelligence on the global shrimp industry.