Successful launch new positive campaign; How to change the world with sugarcane

London: Campaign launched to stimulate and inspire businesses to change the world with sugarcane. Solidaridad launched a unique campaign to create company commitment to improve the world with sugarcane. These commitments are crucial for working towards a more sustainable sugarcane supply chain.

Many international companies and brands attended the campaign launch in the museum of London Docklands. Solidaridad asked companies as Shell, Mondelez, SABMiller, Bacardi, The Body Shop, MARS, Marks and Spencer and many others how they can change the world with sugarcane.

Solidaridad event Let’s turn a new leaf London from Solidaridad Network on Vimeo.

Thunderclap; social reach of 181,000 people

The campaign was launched via a Thunderclap.A message via social media with the Solidaridad campaign title reached over 181,000 people. This was for Solidaridad a first step to create more awareness in the industry and with consumers about the improvements that still can be made in the production of sugarcane.

Partnership with Unilever

Unilever and announced a partnership to drive sustainable development in sugarcane industry in Central America. The signing of a memorandum of Understanding was celebrated at the launch of the official Solidaridad campaign: “How to change the world with sugarcane.

The project is being led from Central America, with an initial focus on Mexico. The aims are to improve productivity of 3,600 farm and mill laborers in compliance with International Labor Organizationdecent labor standards, to improve social, environmental and commercial farm performance for 1,900 farmers. Read more about the partnership here.

How can you change the world with sugarcane?

During the campaign Solidaridad will ask our campaign question to as many relevant players in the world of sugarcane as possible:; How can you change the world with sugarcane? All change starts with awareness.  Solidaridad will target companies with a positive  tone of voice and will work towards a better world together with those companies.

Sugarcane plays an important role in the replacement of oil in producing fuels, chemicals, and plastics. The sugarcane industry provides an avenue to improve farmer income and labour conditions for millions of people. This means the industry has huge potential to contribute to the solutions for challenges that we face as a global community: poverty, climate change, indecent working conditions, a declining natural resource base. And many more.

Sugarcane is the crop of the future but its full potential can only be fulfilled if the industry and all its stakeholders further improve the way sugarcane is being produced. We can only create this change that matters together; no one can do it on their own. This campaign is a beginning of a journey towards a brighter future.