Video: Local experts share a glimpse of sustainability progress in Indonesia

Solidaridad Network and its local partners Keling Kumang Group and SPKS are collaborating on improving the livelihoods of palm oil smallholders through two projects in West Kalimantan. Each project aims to establish sustainable supply chains for palm and palm kernel oil that both effectively improve smallholder farmers’ living conditions and are eligible for certification according to the mandatory ISPO and RSPO Principles & Criteria.

In addition, Solidaridad and the team of partners are working towards achieving the SDG imperatives for the districts in which the projects are implemented.

Check out this video for an informative look at Solidaridad’s presence and engagement in Indonesia.

West Kalimantan is one of the most economically disadvantaged provinces in Indonesia and has suffered from one of the highest rates of deforestation and forest conversion. Palm oil is a significant driver of agricultural output in the region but smallholder farmers regularly find themselves in a position of relative weakness due to their limited knowledge of good agricultural practices and lack of access to high-quality inputs. This results in significantly lower yields on the plantations.

Solidaridad Training Experts, Indonesia

Solidaridad Network has been operating in Indonesia since 2012 and is collaborating with local partners to enhance good agricultural practices, improve livelihoods and boost financial literacy among its smallholder farmers. At the same time, Solidaridad is also working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and prevent further forest and land degradation by supporting the use of efficient, sustainable agricultural practices and thereby improve the livelihoods of the farmers.

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