Solidaridad is an international network organization with offices across the globe. The interconnected network places a focus on decentralized responsibility and implementation by regional teams. Local knowledge, experience and vision are guiding principles. The network's connectedness is fostered by a global vision, strategy, programming, communication and internal quality-control systems. Each part of the network contributes to the whole.

The premise of the structure is that it promotes capacity building: strengthening Solidaridad teams in the region, enabling them to take control of supervisory tasks and to manage programming themselves. The regional Solidaridad teams cooperate with their own partners on the planning, implementation, communication and evaluation of programmes, and on reporting their results.

Solidaridad Network

The Solidaridad Network consists of nine regional expertise centres located in South and South-East Asia, South America, Southern Africa, East and Central Africa, West Africa, China, Central America, North America, and Europe — each with their own specific expertise and focus. 

Solidaridad's programmes are developed and implemented by regional centres, each of which is locally registered and has a local legal structure, and which:

  • are connected to the supervisory bodies of Solidaridad Network and the Executive Board, thereby contributing to the network strategy;
  • manage interaction between the regional centre and the country offices;
  • are responsible for the development, implementation, reporting and evaluation of the programmes in their respective regions, taking the network's quality standards and systems into account;
  • are responsible for regional fund-raising, thereby contributing to the network budget;
  • employ local staff;
  • are responsible for appropriate financial management and supervision, including the auditing of financial statements by an independent auditor.


Within Solidaridad, the International Supervisory Board (ISB) is at the highest level of international oversight. The ISB monitors policies, the quality of programmes, financial control and the performance of the Executive Board of Directors (EBoD). Direct supervision of the RECs is organized by continent. Each Continental Supervisory Board (CSB) is represented in the ISB by its chairman, thus enabling the ISB to focus on the interest of Solidaridad Network as a whole, instead of focusing on individual RECs. The members of the ISB are:

In line with its vision on local ownership and governance, Solidaridad created legal entities in Panama City, Nairobi, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Utrecht for its regional expertise centres. From these legal entities, funds are received for and allocated to the country programmes in the regions. The legal entities also act as contract partners for development contracts per continent, serving as a financial and administrative organization, including the handling of internal payments and consolidating financial statements.

The regional operations are supervised by Continental Supervisory Boards, which are legally registered in the same places as the continental legal entities.

Solidaridad's five Continental Supervisory Boards (CSBs) provide direct supervision to the regional centres and country offices. The CSBs consist of leaders in business, civil society organizations or academic institutions from each continent: North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Each of these continental organizations is connected with the Solidaridad Network Foundation in Utrecht, the Netherlands, through the delegation of supervisory board members to the International Supervisory Board, thus creating a global network.


The Executive Board of Directors (EBoD) is the main policy-making body, ensuring coherence between international commodity strategies and regional programmes.

The EBoD is also responsible for the overall implementation of the international policy and commodity strategy. It consists of the managing directors from each regional expertise centre. The chair of the EBoD is the Executive Director of Solidaridad Network, Nico Roozen.