Joel Brounen: On finding new roads out of poverty for smallholder farmers

In Jeroen’s Breakfast Brief, Solidaridad Executive Director Jeroen Douglas listens to people who bring an interesting perspective forward in relation to the topic of sustainable supply chains. In this episode, he talks to Joel Brounen, Solidaridad’s country manager in Colombia.

Joel is one of the creators of an initiative to provide financial incentives for farmers to adopt climate-smart practices and switch their farms to agroforestry systems. In this episode, Jeroen and Joel debate whether carbon markets can make a truly ethical business case. More advanced technology in recent years has allowed performing verification processes at reduced costs, creating a breakthrough for farmers to enter the international carbon market. But is this just an easy way for polluting companies to pay off their responsibilities?

Listen to find out more while also learning Joel’s approach to building and retaining a thriving team full of talent.