Affirmative gender actions and inclusivity

In 2018 Solidaridad Asia implemented a range of gender-inclusive strategies to positively impact the lives of Asian women.

Solidaridad Asia's Annual Report on gender inclusivity 2018

The work carried out led to more inclusive and affirmative actions than ever before which, in the space of a year, have shown positive results and hold potential for larger-scale actions.

To ensure gender inclusivity was a focus in projects, Solidaridad Asia identified gender focal persons from different projects and country offices and held regular meetings for cohesive action.

The intention for 2019 is to make further progress with affirmative gender actions and inclusivity, to positively impact the lives of Asian women. 

The focus will be to:

  • ensure inclusive actions across all relevant projects throughout Solidaridad Asia’s regional offices
  • facilitate the promotion of women-owned enterprises
  • develop models based on business accelerators to attract impact investments
  • continue the efforts on research to gain further insights.

Read and download Solidaridad Asia’s gender annual report 2018 and working paper on women in agriculture:

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