The Golden Line: Final Report 2016-2020

golden line

We are proud to present the results and experiences of the unique Golden Line programme. Over the past five years (2016-2020), we have worked in this programme together with our partners Simavi and Healthy Entrepreneurs (HE), in collaboration with Ghanaian and Tanzanian partners HFFG and PRS&D, and WPC and UMATI. With the Golden Line, we strove to contribute to the social and economic empowerment of women working in artisanal gold mines and living in mining communities in Ghana and Tanzania.

The Golden Line has strongly embedded a women-centred approach, and the needs and priorities of women were central in our interventions. There is great potential for women to improve their economic status in Ghana and Tanzania, but a number of barriers still exist. 

Some of the programme results include:

  • 1797 women working in mines have improved knowledge on responsible mining;
  • In 14 out of 15 mines in Tanzania women are now working in leadership positions and have successfully lobbied for toilet facilities that meet their needs;
  • 951 women in mining communities now have access to loans;
  • 81% women in Ghana and 68% women in Tanzania reported increased financial security thanks to the Golden Line.

In addition to the programme results, the final report also showcases our reflections on challenges we faced and our key lessons learnt, as we would like these to be available for others too. We hope to inspire donors and organizations to make the much-needed investments in fostering the rights of women in artisanal and small-scale (ASM) gold mining communities.

The Golden Line: Final Report 2016-2020