Seeking: Researcher for farmer incentives in Brazil

Solidaridad is seeking a consultant or team of consultants based in Peru, Colombia or Brazil to run a project evaluation on a commodity-driven deforestation initiative in South America.


Solidaridad has vast and recognized experience working with farmers to support transition to climate-smart production systems and an extensive practical knowledge of smallholder farmers behaviour. However, designing a digitally supported pay-for-impact model that can help smallholders worldwide access benefits for adopting better practices and sharing their data requires a deeper analysis of the drivers of behaviour change as well as the systematization of a robust methodology to structure and channel these benefits through digital tools. 

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: 1) provide research and analysis on financial and non-financial incentives for farmers in the context of Solidaridad’s intervention in the Brazilian Amazon and 2) design and prototype a replicable methodology to identify, structure and channel effective farmer incentives to speed up the adoption of better agricultural practices, including avoiding deforestation.


Please review the full Terms of Reference (below).

The consultant shall have proven experience in behaviour science research and track-record in the field of agriculture and/or development projects. Applications must include: 

  • Information on legal form and ownership structure of the applying entity; 
  • A summary proposal of the approach followed by the applying consultant or entity, outlining process and methodology and accompanying budget and timeline; 
  • CVs of team members and respective roles and time commitments for the assignment. 
  • A capacity statement of maximum 5 pages, with a comprehensive overview of previous experience as pertinent to the scope of the present assignment and/or links to recent reports or research authored by the researcher(s) and/or writer(s) 
  • Declaration of honour (see Annex 1 in full Terms of Reference)