Growing climate-smart coffee

Solidaridad started a large-scale programme on climate-smart coffee production in Latin America in 2013. The programme, supported by Norad, includes 7,000 small-scale coffee farmers. Results show that it is possible to increase productivity and become more resilient to climate change, while also decreasing the deforestation rate.

These achievements are important for both the producing countries as well as the roasters. There is a clear business case for both parties to keep investing in sustainable coffee production.

Solidaridad also launched the Food Security Project FOSEK in Kenya and Ethiopia with RVO funding, targeting more than 120,000 farmers. The objective is to assist farmers in making their coffee business more profitable and sustainable, while the food crop component helps them to improve their food and nutrition security. This project is implemented with our partners Nestle, SMS, CMC (two extension services), Coffee Research Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Oromia, Yirgacheffe and Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Unions in Ethiopia.

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