NI-SCOPS Webinar on Indonesia

Learn about the innovative Palm Oil solutions offered by the National Initiatives for Sustainable and Climate Smart Oil Palm Smallholders, or NI-SCOPS programme, at this interactive webinar.

You are invited to this webinar to learn all about Solidaridad and IDH's NI-SCOPS programme. Join us to learn about its innovative palm oil solutions, its 24 landscapes in 4 countries and  to delve into its proposal for Indonesia (Integrated Landscape Management and Climate Smart Palm Oil for smallholder farmers). 

You can take part in the webinar on either Monday 20 June at 11.30am [GMT] or Tuesday 21 June at 08.00am [GMT]. Sign up at your preferred time below:


[button: large:true]Monday 20 June: 11.30AM[/button]

[button: large:true]Tuesday 21 June: 08.00AM[/button]


  • Jan Maarten Dros – Climate Innovation Manager, Solidaridad
  • Mei Mei van Dorth tot Medler – Corporate Engagement Manager, Solidaridad
  • Beatrix Richards – Senior Corporate Engagement Manager, Solidaridad

Supported by: 

  • Julian Walker Palin – Etante and chair of the UK retailer group on palm oil
  • Ruchira Joshi – IDH
  • Willem Klaasens – IDH
  • Babasola Olajide – IDH


The NI-SCOPS programme has been designed to provide tangible support to enable palm oil producing countries to measurably contribute to the Sustainable Development  Goals. ​It complements and builds on existing (private sector driven) voluntary market initiatives. It works at a landscape/jurisdictional scale to make palm oil production more economically robust, socially just and resilient to climate change, to the extent that the landscapes can be restored and become net sinks of GHG emissions. The programme was developed by Solidaridad and IDH with the support of the Dutch Government.

Learn more about NI-SCOPS here.