Promoting responsible practices

Solidaridad and Unilever developed the Code for Responsible Extraction (CORE) to address issues in the mining industry. It is one of the first independently auditable global codes for minerals at the extraction site, supported by leading companies and civil society organizations.

Verification under CORE offers a globally acceptable and credible assurance to buyers and other stakeholders that the industrial minerals are extracted in a responsible way. Compliance with the CORE enables improved operational efficiency for mineral extractors, access to high-value markets, easier compliance with various legislations, improved risk management and enhanced trust of customers and stakeholders.

The CORE is focused on continual improvement in a stepwise approach towards full compliance in three years with the following objectives:

  • Enhance compliance with legal requirements and improve governance

  • Improve working conditions and ensure labour rights are protected

  • Provide safe and healthy workplaces

  • Avoid or minimize adverse impacts on the environment 

  • Respect the rights and aspirations of affected communities

To support this initiative, Solidaridad and Unilever have signed an MoU to roll out the programme across India and China. It is expected that the code could be implemented in Europe and Africa as well.

The pilot phase of this project has been successfully completed. During that phase, key documents including responsible minerals extraction code, implementation guide, audit checklist and audit protocol have been completed. The current phase initiated from August 2015 will continue till 2018 to help the entities implement the code successfully.

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