Solidaridad and COP24

Beginning 4 December, Solidaridad participates in the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24). The official event takes place in Katowice, Poland from 3 – 14 December, 2018. 

At the COP24 event, Solidaridad would be co-hosting three side events to which interested persons are invited to attend. Participants of the side events would learn more about how Solidaridad's work in climate innovations strengthen the resilience of farmers and communities as they adapt to climate change and contribute to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions. They are scheduled as follows: 


  1. Wednesday, 5 December at the Geidco Pavilion (E34 – THE SDGs PAVILION). Time is 14:00 – 15:30. Click here for update of this side event
  2. Thursday, 6 December at Room Narew (SIDE EVENT ROOM 3). Time is 11:30 – 13:00. Click here for update of this side event
  3. Thursday, 6 December at the Nigerian Pavilion (E23). Time is 13:00 – 15:00. Click here for update of this side event 

There will also be an evening reception that targets development partners and key government representatives in developing countries where Solidaridad operates. This will have limited participation. Here, Solidaridad will make the case for increased partnerships to consolidate gains made in transforming landscapes and improving livelihoods of poor farmers. Click here to download related presentations and view photos.


The Solidaridad teams from West Africa and Europe are looking forward to interact with you during and after the events. 

Context of Solidaridad's climate response intervention

About 80% of poor people live in rural areas, mostly in developing countries in Africa, where agriculture, including commodity cultivation, constitutes a major source of livelihood. These rural areas are impacted heavily by climate change, resulting in low yield. In their quest to respond to the impacts of the changes in climatic parameters on their livelihood, local people further exploit forests, and undertake unsustainable land use and agricultural practices. This accelerates ecosystem loss and the continual emissions of greenhouse gases. Invariably, the livelihoods of these local people decline, and a vicious cycle permeates, relating to land use–livelihoods–climate change nexus.

As part of the pathways to meet the goals set out in the Paris agreement, Solidaridad is implementing a series of responsive climate change interventions across various landscapes in West Africa. At COP24, we will present key transformative outputs of our flagship climate change response interventions, and show how these interventions are empowering local communities to act differently to mitigate and adapt to climate change, while improving their livelihoods.