Solidaridad Services

Solidaridad works on creating sustainable supply chains from the producer to the consumer. This enables producers in developing countries to get a better price for better products and it helps to preserve people’s environment. It helps companies in the marketplace to implement Corporate Social Responsibility and find sustainable suppliers.

Our worldwide network of expertise centres closely collaborates with local partners. Together we deliver the following services.

Services to producers

  • Training farmers in farming techniques that have less negative impact on people and the environment and lead to better products and higher yields.
  • Supporting producer organizations through capacity building and organizational strengthening.
  • Assisting producer organizations to get access to means of production, finance and markets.
  • Supporting agricultural producer organizations and industrial producer companies to qualify for social and environmental certification standards.

Services to companies

  • Support companies to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) and source sustainably  in developing countries.
  • Develop sustainable business concepts in order to broaden the marketplace for sustainable products from developing countries.
  • Support the marketing of sustainable products and communication about CSR to better inform consumers and business partners.

Other services

  • Developing certification initiatives for sustainable production and fair trade (such as Fair Trade and Utz Certified).
  • Supporting civil society organizations that empower women, farmers or employees, as well as organizations that protect nature and the environment.
  • Seeking dialogue with stakeholders and the public using our network, knowledge, experience and views on sustainable economic development and corporate social responsibility.