Treehouse improves working conditions

Knitwear factory Treehouse in China is a large-scale company that highly values the well-being of its employers. Solidaridad and Treehouse collaborate to improve working conditions and efficiency.


To increase efficiency and productivity and improve working conditions through compliance with the BSCI, and in a later stage continuous improvement towards SA8000 labour standards.


Working conditions in the Treehouse factory were poor, partly due to inefficient working methods. Ill-treatment of the employees included excessive overtime, low wages, no worker representation, fines and penalties.


  • In 2007, a base scan on working conditions was implemented, which demonstrated the feasibility of improvements.
  • An analysis demonstrated the interrelations of social compliance and efficiency/productivity.
  • Another analysis demonstrated the interrelations of social compliance and human resources management.


  • A worker committee is set up.
  • The wage is increased to € 150 per month.
  • Working hours are reduced to about 280 hours per month (4 days off per month).
  • 100% of the workers now have a labour contract.
  • About 40% of the workers received a social insurance coverage.
  • No fines and penalties are given.
  • Efficiency is enhanced, e.g. auto-knitting machines replaced hand knitting machines.
  • Management and worker training programmes are set up.


Location: sales office in Hong Kong, production facilities in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China.
Target group: 600 employers.
Annual turnover: € 8,000,000