ToR: Country scoping mission of the United Kingdom

Solidaridad Europe is seeking the services of a qualified consultant to undertake a scoping mission that provides useful insights for strategic decisions to strengthen its profile and engagement in the United Kingdom.


Solidaridad Europe is part of Solidaridad Network, an international civil society organization with 54 years of experience in developing solutions to make communities more resilient and create more sustainable supply chains. Our solutions support the transition to an inclusive economy that provides sustainable livelihoods for all. 

We intervene in 11 commodities including tea, oil palm, cocoa, coffee, gold, cotton & textiles, fruits & vegetables, leather, livestock & dairy, soy, and sugar. 

Solidaridad Europe supervises Solidaridad’s interests anywhere in Europe. The Europe regional office works to deepen the value of inclusive mandatory regulatory frameworks and sustainability standards to make economies work for the poor and the planet. We prime markets to commit to sustainability in their sourcing and trading arrangements. 

We aim to build and proactively maintain impactful partnerships with the private sector to improve sustainability practices/policies (sourcing and trading and/or market connection and inclusive business models). We build and steward strong partnerships with the European donor community. 

We support change towards more sustainable behavior of public and private sector actors by impactful communications & campaigning and ensure a strong brand profile that positions Solidaridad as a credible organization to engage with.

Our key strategic goal is to make European market actors conscious of the need to pay for sustainability, facilitating the transition to an economy that works for the poor and safeguards the planet for future generations. 


Solidaridad has been exploring opportunities to build strategic partnerships with actors in the UK to improve sustainable and inclusive supply chains. Currently, we have an ongoing partnership with the UK FCDO toward implementing the second phase of the National Initiatives for Sustainable & Climate Smart Oil Palm Smallholders (NISCOPS) programme until 2028. 

At present, Solidaridad does not have any legal or administrative presence in the UK, even though we could consider having one in the near future. We have recently installed a new country representative, based in London, who leads our external engagements in the country.

We take an opportunistic approach to our engagement in the UK, responding to partnership opportunities when and as they become available. However, this needs not to remain the status quo as we seek to tap into funding opportunities available in the United Kingdom to support programmes that make smallholder farmers more resilient to climate shocks as well as social and economic vulnerabilities in line with regulatory frameworks. 


We aspire to be recognized as a trusted partner of choice in providing solutions in sustainable and inclusive supply chains in the UK. When the conditions are right, we might aspire for a legal/administrative presence, strong country operations, and steady growth in diversified income streams to support the implementation of our medium-term strategic plan. We are actively exploring opportunities to make our work more visible in the UK as we seek to be known for our knowledge, expertise, and impact. 


To provide insights on key trends and national contexts in the development landscape that may enable or limit Solidaridad’s presence and operations in the UK in our quest to build and work proactively in impactful partnerships that fit our strategic agenda, and identify concrete opportunities for engagement with potential partners. 


The following key tasks are expected to be undertaken by the consultant:

  1. Map out key trends that define the national development priorities and international cooperation strategies and responses.
  2. Provide recommendations on whether setting up a legal entity in the UK would increase Solidaridad’s chances for success in the UK, and if yes, which legal form and structure would be most appropriate and efficient. 
  3. Map out relevant UK policy and regulatory frameworks relating to international supply chains, including the sourcing and trading of commodities.
  4. Identify national factors and contexts that can potentially enhance or limit Solidaridad’s work in the UK.
  5. Based on their mission, interests, needs, and aspirations, identify and analyze stakeholders including state actors, foundations, businesses/corporate entities, CSOs/ NGOs, trade associations, and private entities, that are potentially relevant for engagement, partnerships, and business development in the pursuit of Solidaridad’s work in sustainable and inclusive supply chains. Particular focus should be on which UK government opportunities (FCDO and beyond) should be pursued, and how. 
  6. Identify high-impact national platforms, networks, meetings, conferences, and workshops relevant for Solidaridad’s involvement.
  7. Map out opportunities and preconditions for effective or successful fundraising in the UK.
  8. Match the Solidaridad unique value proposition with unique spaces for attention/focus.
  9. Propose a plan for establishing the Solidaridad (profile) brand, raise visibility,  and sustain effective engagement of all relevant stakeholders in commodity supply chains. 


15-20 days


The consultant is expected to deliver the following outputs: 

1. Mid-November: A draft report covering the preliminary outcomes, conclusions, and recommendations. The consultant will submit this draft report and also present the contents at a virtual meeting with select staff of Solidaridad for discussion, validation, and feedback to improve the final report. 

2. End of November: A succinct final report, not less than 10 pages but not exceeding 20 pages, with revisions based on the inputs and feedback on the draft report. 


The consultant will need to demonstrate:

  1. Technical and financial skills, including knowledge and work on sustainable and inclusive supply chains; and multi-stakeholder dialogue. Preferably, proven experience related to the European development landscape.
  2. Knowledge of the UK development landscape, with a special focus on NGO work. 
  3. A demonstrable track record in similar work.


Interested candidates should submit their CV and a brief proposal, including a proposed approach/methodology, work plan, and budget (max 3 pages). Kindly clarify in your budget whether VAT applies and whether it is included in the budget. Contracting will be done with Solidaridad in the Netherlands.

Applications should be submitted via email with the email title “UK Scoping” to Bossman Owusu ( and Ronald Visser ( no later than 31 July 2024. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to verbally present their proposal on Tuesday 13 August afternoon.

In Solidaridad, diversity, equity, and inclusion are key to our collective mission, vision, and values. We enable farmers and workers to earn a living income, shape their own future, and produce in balance with nature by working throughout the whole supply chain to make sustainability the norm.

We aim for Solidaridad Europe to be an inclusive place where all people feel heard, seen, and valued for their diverse identities, experiences, perspectives and skills.

We are therefore committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment by treating everyone with dignity and respect, enabling and empowering us to be ourselves and achieving our full potential as individuals and our collective mission as an organisation.

You can also download this Terms of Reference document here.